The CNSC Alumni Program


To take advantage of the unique knowledge and technical expertise that many of our CNSC retired employees have developed over the years, the CNSC has put in place an Alumni Program. This program enables CNSC to meet short term needs for talent that supports both knowledge transfer and succession planning efforts. At the same time, CNSC retirees have opportunities to continue to exercise their professional skills during their early retirement years in a manner that is flexible and suited to their personal situation.

Basic Elements of the Program

Any former CNSC employee who is currently retired may apply to the Program. The objective of the Program is to allow managers to retain the services of retirees who may possess certain specialized skills, technical knowledge or important corporate memory thus providing the opportunity for them to pass along this knowledge through training, mentoring or coaching other employees. These individuals may be engaged to address periods of high workload, unexpected absences or to undertake short‐term projects. The Program provides a process for identifying employees interested in participating as Alumni and for managers to match them with job requirements. The Human Resources Directorate is responsible for the implementation of the Alumni Program, including the maintenance of its inventory.


Employees who indicate their intent to retire are provided with information kits that outline the Program and explain how to register in the Alumni inventory. The Alumni inventory is part of the electronic "Careers" inventory currently maintained on our Web site. Details related to their interests, preferences and qualifications are included in the inventory. The inventory is used to engage individuals as employees or as contractors, depending on the situation.

Once registered, the individual’s security clearance (if applicable) will need to be maintained as active.

Managers have no obligation to use the Alumni inventory, nor does inclusion in the inventory guarantee employment or priority for appointment to those who have registered.

Managers who identify a need for a certain skill set may request a search of the inventory and referral of candidates for consideration. Given the nature of the Program, they may also request referral of any specific individual of interest.

As this Program is not intended as a means of filling permanent or ongoing positions, individuals are generally hired on a term basis for a specified period not exceeding six months. The nature of the assignment dictates if the work is full‐time, part‐time or on an as required basis. Whatever arrangements are in place they must ensure that the retiree’s pension and benefits status are not affected. Therefore, each proposed appointment must be examined in this context.

Proposed continuation or renewal under the Alumni Program is subject to the review and consideration of the Human Resources Directorate.

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