Life at CNSC

We believe that there's more to life than a career - no matter how satisfying that career may be.  Well-balanced, well-rewarded and well-recognized employees are happier, more productive and more fulfilled. And that translates to a more enjoyable, more stable and more positive work environment.

That's why we offer our people a range of choices through our competitive benefits packages and variable work arrangements that allow flexibility and balance between your personal and professional life.

The CNSC believes in:

  • Helping you thrive
  • Fostering excellence, pride and teamwork
  • Developing your leadership skills
  • Supporting creativity and innovation

Our compensation and benefits package is one of the most competitive in the federal sector.  But beyond the tangible benefits you get when you work for the CNSC - benefits like banked time, a bilingualism bonus, an exceptional awards and recognition program, ongoing learning opportunities, internal career opportunities - we offer a host of career-enriching advantages that allow you to make a real contribution to Canadian and global society:

  • Work for an award-winning regulator that is helping nations around the world make nuclear energy safer and more secure.
  • Help to develop leading-edge research, tools, technologies, and systems that keep global nuclear systems safe and ensure that all countries abide by nuclear treaties.
  • Work with and learn from some of the world's foremost leaders in science, engineering, and the global environment.
  • Enhance your skills at an organization where learning, development, and leadership are key priorities.
  • Work with a broad international perspective on the political, social, environmental, and social issues surrounding the peaceful application of nuclear technology.

CNSC offers many of the same benefits as the Public Service in addition to a number of unique benefits designed to support balance and productivity:

  • Banked Time
    • If you work in excess of your normal hours of work you can accumulate your extra hours and take this time off at a later date.
  • Bilingual Bonus
    • If you are eligible, the bilingual bonus consists of a bi-weekly payment on each pay cheque up to $1,200 annually.
  • Awards and Recognition
    • Our awards and recognition (PDF) practices are designed to foster excellence and pride and to encourage individual and collective commitment to the organization's goals and objectives (PDF)
  • Learning
    • We will support you in developing your skills and knowledge (PDF) because this enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations and builds a professional, competent, versatile, and motivated workforce.

Employee Benefits at a Glance

Download "Employee Benefits at a Glance" in PDF format

Public Service (PS) Benefits Plans

  • Death Benefit
  • Dental Plan
  • Long Term Disability
  • Health Care
  • Pension Plan

Read more about the Public Service Benefits Plans

Various types of leave such as:

Annual Leave

  • 15 days to start, or
  • At the date of hire, an indeterminate employee may be granted the same entitlements as with the previous employer, subject to certain criteria

One-Time Replacement Leave

  • One-time entitlement of 5 days after 1 year of continuous service (staff REG 1-8)

Sick Leave

  • 1.25 days per month (accumulative)

Family-Related Leave

  • Up to 5 days per fiscal year

Designated Paid Holidays

  • 11 days

Different types of Leave Without Pay such as:

Care and Nurturing

  • From 3 weeks to 5 years

Education Leave

  • Up to 3 years

Maternity/Parental Leave

  • Leave entitlements of 18 weeks maternity and 34 weeks of parental for a total of 52 weeks
  • Top up allowance of up to 93%

Relocation of Spouse

  • From 3 months up to 1 year if spouse is permanently relocated or up to 5 years if temporarily relocated

Find out more about the CNSC's:

As a CNSC employee, you will benefit from diverse employment opportunities, a range of career development programs, and ongoing learning and professional development. We know it takes people with a wide range of skills, experience and talent to reach our goals. That's why we are looking for people like you.

Join our team and make a difference!

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