REGDOC-2.12.2: Site Access Security Clearance: Text Equivalent

Application Process text version

(Box 1)

Consent and Authorization (TBS 330-23E)

(leads to Box 2)

  • Administrative Information
  • Biographical Information
  • Consent and Verification
  • Briefing Official
  • Approval

(leads to Box 3)

Approval to apply/renew for SASC

(leads to Box 4)

Site Access Security Clearance (TBS 330-60E)

(leads to Box  5)

  • Administrative Information
  • Biographical Information
  • Security Screening
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Residence and Employment
  • Travel
  • Foreign Employment
  • Certification

(leads to Box  6 Split in two)

Two Options

Box 6 A

SASC is granted/renewed

(leads to Box  7)

Box 6 B

SASC is denied or revoked

(leads to Box 6C)

Box 6C

End or Appeal

Box 7

Certification (TBS 330-47)

(leads to Box  8)

  • Personal Information
  • Authorization Level
  • Briefing Summary
  • Acknowledgement
  • Briefing Official

(leads to Box  9)

SASC is renewed every five (5) years

Risk-Based Decision-Making Process text version

Diamond 1

Licensee decides if SASC is required

Two options:

“No”  Leads to box 1B
“Yes”  leads to box 1A

Box 1B

Box 1A

Licensee provides SASC Applicant with required forms to obtain consent

(leads to Box  2)
Applicant completes and submits forms
Two options:

Option 1:
Box 3 A
Reliability Assessment Licensee

(leads to Box  3B)

CRNC (Police Indices) and verification/reference checks conducted (credit check as required)

(leads to Box  3C)

Reliability Assessment completed

(leads to Box  5)


Option 2:

Box 4 A
Loyalty Assessment

(leads to Box  4B)

Indices/verification checks conducted

(leads to Box  4C)
Loyalty Assessment Completed

(leads to Box  5)

Box 5
Licensee Risk Assessment

Two options:

Option 1

(leads to Box  6A)
No Adverse Information

Option 2

(leads to Box  6B)

Adverse Information and Interview

(Both options lead to Box 7)

Box 7
Results of Assessment

(leads to diamond 2)

Risk Based Decision by Licensee

Two options:
Option 1

(leads to Box  8A)

Grant or Renew SASC

(leads to Box  8B)

With Exceptions:
A Monitoring or
B Restrictions or
C Alternate Work
Without Exception

(leads to Box  8C)


(leads to Box  10)


Option 2
(leads to Box  9A)

Deny or Revoke SASC

(leads to Box  9B)

Appeal Process

(leads to Box  10)


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