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The CNSC's Hearing Process

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Hi, my name is Aurèle

and I work at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

or the CNSC for short.

If a company wants to build, change,

operate or decommission a nuclear facility in Canada,

it must Officially submit a licence application to the CNSC.

Applications are then reviewed by CNSC staff

who make recommendations to the Commission -

an independent tribunal that makes informed, transparent

decisions on the licensing of major nuclear facilities

and nuclear-related activities.

Many factors, such as the project's safety and design

as well as any potential environmental or health impacts,

are taken into consideration.

For major nuclear facilities, a public hearing is usually held.

When you imagine a hearing, think of a court-like setting

with evidence being presented and questions being asked.

To inform the public that a hearing will take place,

the CNSC posts a Notice about it on its website.

The notice contains details about the hearing

and information on how the public can participate.

The CNSC also places ads in local newspapers

to inform the public of the upcoming hearing.

To participate, you can fill out an online form,

send us an email or contact us by phone.

Submit your comments in writing by the advertised deadline,

explaining how you are affected by the activity or project

and what information or expertise you have

that will help the Commission in making its decision.

You may also have the possibility of making an oral

presentation during the hearing,

based on the key points of your written comments.

The information you submit is available to the public.

Public hearings are also webcast live as they happen,

and are later posted to our website.

Financial assistance may be available for intervenors

through the CNSC's Participant Funding Program.

Once the public hearing has adjourned,

the Commission reviews all information presented to it

before making a decision whether to issue or amend a license.

If the Commission grants a license,

CNSC staff conducts inspections, audits

and uses other tools to make sure all conditions

contained in the license are met.

For more information,

please visit us online.

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