Industrial uses of nuclear technologies - HTML5 Transcript/Captions

In Canada, the regulation of nuclear energy and materials is done by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. We work to protect your health and safety, as well as the environment. Most Canadians know that nuclear technology is used to produce electricity. But this technology is used in many other ways, even in your home. Did you know that there's a small amount of a nuclear isotope inside your smoke detector? It's there to help trigger the alarm if there's smoke around. And have you ever wondered what keeps your food safe? Food irradiation is also made possible by nuclear technology. It can help prevent food poisoning and keep your food fresh longer. Drink companies use nuclear devices to measure liquid levels and make sure that bottles are filled right to the top! Similar measuring tools are used by other industries as well. Nuclear gauges help construction workers measure the density and depth of road surfaces. Oil and gas companies use them to locate underground wells and to look for damaged pipes. And manufacturers use nuclear substances to test aircraft parts before they're assembled to make sure that your next flight is a safe one. And behind the scenes you'll find us, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Our regulations ensure that all devices in Canada are safe to use, and that anyone using a device has been properly trained to do so. We conduct regular inspections across the country to make sure that safety measures are in place to keep the public, workers and the environment protected. Your health and safety is our main priority! To find out more, visit

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