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The Commission

The Commission is an independent, quasi-judicial administrative tribunal and court of record. Find information on upcoming Commission proceedings, including: how to watch and access documents related to proceedings.

Notice: On January 1, 2022, the Commission Secretariat and Secretary became the Commission Registry and Registrar. As a result of this name change, references on the website and in CNSC documentation have been or are in the process of being updated. Please note that historical references will not be modified.

Commission proceedings have not been affected by this name change. Please email with any Commission-related questions.

Commission activities

New documentation related to Commission proceedings – notices, agendas, transcripts, minutes and records of decision

Calendar of Commission proceedings

Full calendar of upcoming Commission proceedings and relevant documentation

Upcoming Commission proceedings

Next webcast:
View the full calendar

Hearings and meetings

Public hearings

Learn about the public hearing process for major nuclear facilities

Hearing documents

Search and access hearing documents by date or licensee

Public meetings

Learn about the public meeting process, how to attend or watch a public meeting

Meeting documents

Search and access meeting documents by date or type


Participate in a public Commission hearing

Learn how to participate in writing or orally, including templates and guides for intervenors

Participant Funding Program

Learn about funding opportunities to support meaningful participation in regulatory activities

Participation request form

Submit a request to intervene in a public hearing

Watch a public Commission proceeding

Access live and archived webcasts of public hearings and meetings

The Commission

Commission Registry

Information on the role of the Commission Registry and Registrar

Commission members

Learn more about the Commission’s permanent members

External Advisory Committee on Pressure Tubes

Learn more about the committee, its members and purpose to provide expertise on matters related to pressure tubes

Decisions by designated officers

Information on designated officers and their role in making decisions

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