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PFP resources and templates

The CNSC provides potential applicants with a number of easily accessible tools and resources to help them through the PFP process including the PFP Guide, sample forms and templates.

Additionally, the PFP administrator is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the program.

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Resources and templates Description

PFP Guide

Describes the PFP process, eligibility criteria, instructions for completing PFP application form, details recipient obligations, and lists PFP guidance and resources

Sample PFP application form

Example of a PFP application form for interested applicants

Sample PFP contribution agreement

Example of a PFP contribution agreement for interested applicants

Recipient terms and conditions

Describes obligations PFP funding recipients must meet to be awarded funding

Final financial report (FFR) template

Guidance for PFP recipients on how  to prepare for and complete their final financial report (i.e., detailing eligible expenses)

Sample recipient survey

Example of a recipient survey for interested applicants and/or PFP funding recipients.

Sample consent letter

Example of a consent letter PFP applicants are required to have signed by any professionals they plan to hire. This letter must be submitted along with the PFP application form and documentation of work experience of those professionals

Do you have questions?

Contact the PFP administrator

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