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Terms and conditions

Every participant funding recipient acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions, which constitute, along with the Participant Funding Application Form and the contribution agreement, the entire agreement between the participant funding applicant and/or recipient and the CNSC. The following terms and conditions are also listed in the Participant Funding Program Guide (PDF).

1. Acknowledgement

The recipient acknowledges that the CNSC, in deciding to give participant funding, has relied on the truthfulness and completeness of the information provided by the recipient, its representatives and its agents.

2. Payment by the CNSC

2.1 Payment by the CNSC will normally be made following the receipt of the deliverable and the final financial report, as stated in the signed contribution agreement, by the agreed-upon timelines. The CNSC shall, subject to the maximum contribution amount established in the contribution agreement, reimburse the recipient for eligible costs incurred.

2.2 An advance payment may be issued, where warranted, to the recipient following the approval of participant funding and the receipt by the CNSC of a signed contribution agreement. Advance payments to an approved recipient shall not exceed seventy-five (75) percent of the maximum amount approved for that recipient.

2.3 The remainder of the funding or appropriate difference owing shall be made following the receipt of the agreed-upon deliverable, as stipulated in the contribution agreement, along with the receipt of a final financial report and the CNSC's determination that the submission brings added value to CNSC proceedings.

2.4 The CSNC may, upon giving the recipient written notice of thirty (30) days, reduce or terminate participant funding in response to the withdrawal or termination of the proponent's project, or at the discretion of the CNSC. Subject to the terms and conditions of the contribution agreement, in the event that funding is terminated under the Participant Funding Program, the obligations of both parties shall cease at the end of the notice period.

3. Conflict of interest

The recipient shall not permit any individual to whom the provisions of the Conflict of Interest (Chapter 2) and Post-employment Guidelines (Chapter 3) of the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service apply, or to whom any other conflict of interest rules binding on public office holders, public servants, Senators or Members of Parliament apply, derive any direct benefit from the contribution agreement unless it is clear that the individual remains in full compliance with those applicable codes despite deriving the benefit.

4. Official languages

All documents given to the CSNC shall be in at least one official language of Canada (English or French). If a document is filed in a language other than an official language, the individual shall simultaneously file a translation of the document in at least one official language, as well as an affidavit of the translator attesting to the translation's accuracy.

5. Contractual commitments with third parties

The CNSC shall not be held liable for any loans, leases, capital leases or any other contractual commitments entered into by the recipient.

6. Appropriation by the Parliament of Canada

Payment of the contribution is subject to an appropriation by the Parliament of Canada for the fiscal year in which the payment is to be made.

7. Default of agreement

Should the recipient not meet their obligations as laid out in the contribution agreement without first notifying the CNSC and negotiating a modified set of terms, the recipient will not receive the hold-back amount, and he or she, his or her corporation or his or her organization may not receive future CNSC participant funding, in addition to any remedies otherwise available to the CNSC.

8. Audit

Recipients should keep receipts for at least three (3) years after receiving funding, as they could be audited at any point during the subsequent three-year period. Receipts are not to be submitted unless requested by the CNSC.

9. Publication of information

9.1 The recipient agrees that CNSC may publish the recipient's name, the amount of the contribution and the type of activities funded under the contribution agreement.

9.2 Information provided to the CNSC in the context of the project under review will become part of the public record and may be included in the record of Proceedings, including the reasons for the decisions made by the Commission.

10. Dispute resolution

10.1 In case of any dispute related to this agreement, the parties must attempt to settle any differences in good faith, through alternate dispute resolution mechanisms.

10.2 All representations, warranties, covenants and obligations contained in the contribution agreement on the part of each of the parties shall survive the termination of the contribution agreement.

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